Sherri Shepherd on Miley Cyrus: 'She's Going to Hell in a Twerking Handbasket' (Video)

Sherri Shepherd on Miley Cyrus: 'She's Going to Hell in a Twerking Handbasket' (Video)

Sherri Shepherd has joined the chorus of critics bashing Miley Cyrus' racy VMAs performance.

"Oh, she's going to hell in a twerking handbasket," the View co-host said, twerking a bit in her chair, when asked to weigh in on Cyrus' antics during an appearance on Monday night's Tonight Show.

"When I was growing up, that wasn't called 'twerking,'" she added. "That was called a ho move."

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Shepherd also commented on the recent hosting changes on The View.

She didn't directly address the departures of Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Joy Behar, apart from yelling "I miss you Elisabeth Hasselbeck" when Jay Leno mentioned her name, but she joked she was surprised that she and Whoopi Goldberg are among the surviving hosts.

"Usually they kill off the two black people right at the beginning of the movie," Shepherd quipped.

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As for new addition Jenny McCarthy, who will make her View debut on Sept. 9, Shepherd said she and the former Playmate would probably be the show's main troublemakers.

"I'm looking to have a cohort in crime and I think she's going to get into a lot of trouble, so I'm going to show her the way to Barbara's office when we get called in," Shepherd said, comparing being called in to see Barbara Walters to being asked to report to the principal's office.

"If Barbara gotta call you into her office, it ain't nothing good," she added. "[Barbara will say,] 'I need to see you in my office, dear,' and when you hear that 'dear,' ooh…"

She also said that she thinks McCarthy will bring a fun, fearless energy to the show.

Watch more from Shepherd's interview with Leno below.