Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Knocks Out Mario Lopez on April Fools Spot: ‘F-ck You, Slater’ (Video)

Deadpool doesn’t mess around, and he certainly doesn’t take kindly to passive-aggressive suggestions by any “Saved By the Bell” alum.

In a faux April Fools’ Day interview, Ryan Reynolds talks about his upcoming comic book film via satellite with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. The conversation starts out friendly, but the two are soon squabbling over what the movie’s MPAA rating should be.

Lopez hopes to see family-friendly fare, holding the potential blockbuster to strict PG-13 standards. Reynolds disagrees with the notion. His alter-ego opposes even stronger.

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“He was in ‘Wolverine,’ but that’s definitely not the character we’re putting on screen,” Reynolds explained to Lopez during the calm part of the discussion. “He’s definitely a wisecracker.”

“The most distinct feature he has is that he’s a guy who’s morally flexible and has a motor-mouth,” the “Green Lantern” actor added. “He doesn’t care if people love him or hate him.”

Still, Lopez pushed the familial issue, imploring Reynolds that sequels and toy sales are on the line. At that point, viewers watching closely can see Deadpool walking behind the celebrity news show host, carrying a TV monitor, which he promptly smashes over Lopez’s dome.

“Fuck you, Slater,” Reynolds as Deadpool quipped.

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“April Fools! ‘Deadpool’ will of course be rated R,” Reynolds’ voiceover added.

He continued the “SBTB” reference: “It’s OK Jessie — Slater can’t hurt you anymore.”

Watch the video above, which was originally posted by JoBlo.com.

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