Rosie O'Donnell reveals she's been married for two months

If anything makes you realize that life is too short to go for what you want, it’s a health scare. And that’s exactly what happened to Rosie O’Donnell and fiancée Michelle Rounds after Rounds was diagnosed with rare desmoids tumors, which can be life threatening. Though the couple had planned an August wedding, the two quietly married shortly before Rounds underwent her first round of surgery back in June. The couple had kept the fact they were legally wed a secret from public until Monday, when O’Donnell, 50, shared the news on her blog, writing:


“we married in private before her surgery just the 2 of us when we r both well enough will have the wedding of r dreams surrounded by those we cherish thankful for the love and support so many have given us during these trying times”

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O’Donnell has also recently dealt with some medical troubles of her own, revealing earlier this month that she suffered a heart attack and discovered her coronary artery was 99% blocked, prompting her to get a stent inserted.

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The women have only known each other for a little over a year, but have quickly moved forward with their relationship. The former co-host of “The View” popped the question to Rounds, in December and has said the two want to have children together.

O'Donnell is already mom to four children with her ex-wife Kelli Carpenter, whom she split with in 2007 after being together for a decade. In 2009, O'Donnell began dating an artist from Texas named Tracy Kachtick-Anders before breaking up in early 2011. She then met headhunter Rounds, 41, at a coffee shop last summer. "She's literally perfection," O'Donnell told Us Weekly of her fiancee in January. "She's so unbelievably connected and refined. I so love her embracing her femininity in a real feminist manner. To be able to be a lesbian, feminine, feminist is pretty sexy."

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