Robin Thicke's Mom Blasts Miley Cyrus: 'She's Misbegotten' (Video)

Robin Thicke's Mom Blasts Miley Cyrus: 'She's Misbegotten' (Video)

Everyone has an opinion on the now-infamous Miley Cyrus-Robin Thicke MTV VMAs performance -- and the vast majority are not very favorable.

Count Thicke's mother, Gloria Loring among that group. Loring watched the performance for the first time with Yahoo's omg! Insider, where her reaction was a combination of pride for her son and calculated criticism of Cyrus.

She told omg! Insider that the problem is now she cannot "unsee" what she just watched.

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"I was not expecting her to be putting her butt that close to my son," Loring said.

"I don't understand what Miley Cyrus is trying to do," she continued. "I just don't understand. I think she's misbegotten in this attempt of hers. And I think it was not beneficial."

Watch the reaction video:

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