Richard Dawson: Three great 'Family Feud' moments [Video]

We were saddened to hear about the death of TV game show host Richard Dawson today, who passed away at age 79 from complications related to esophageal cancer. But thanks to the magic of TV, his legacy lives on forever as Corporal Peter Newkirk on "Hogan's Heroes" -- and, of course, as the congenial, lady-kissing host of "Family Feud." We're honoring Dawson's nine-year run as "Feud" host by bringing you a trio of his best moments.

Granny Sure Does Love Her Appliances
Being a game show host requires immense patience -- which Dawson displays here when dealing with a sweet old lady who just doesn't seem to understand the rules of the game. She keeps trying to give different appliances as an answer when "appliances" is clearly already on the board. She does catch on eventually... well, sort of.

Crime Family

Crime doesn't pay... at least not for this family. When Dawson asks them to name a crime we've all thought about committing, one woman answers "prostitution." (Dawson, ever the charmer, quickly digs out a ten-dollar bill.) And later, another member of her family chimes in with "hit and run." Luckily, both answers came up empty; we'd hate to see what this family would do with a little money in their pockets.

September, the Most Pregnant of Months
This one always shows up in classic game show blooper montages: During the lightning round, Dawson asks a contestant what month of pregnancy a woman begins to look pregnant, and the woman simply answers, "September." This leads to an epic laughing fit from Dawson that spans several rounds of play; it's a long clip, but it's worth it to see Dawson getting a real hoot out of his most famous gig.

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