Princess Diana And Duchess Of Cambridge Seen Together For First Time – In Eerie Photoshopped Image


The photoshopped image that’s got everyone talking. [Photo: Facebook/Mary Kohnke]

A photo of the late Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge has emerged – and it’s got us feeling a little creeped out.

The Photoshopped snapshot features the two famous mothers, who never had the chance to meet, and suggests what might have been had William and Harry’s mother not been taken from them so prematurely.

In the edited image, Princess Diana appears to be a guest at Princess Charlotte’s christening in July. The princess looks like she’s cooing over the newest addition to the royal family while mum Kate holds her. There’s something incredibly eerie about it – but also a little beautiful.

That seems to be the general response to the picture, which was uploaded to Facebook by Mary Kohnke from Wisconsin. The edited image combines a photo of Kate and Charlotte at the latter’s christening with an image of Princess Diana meeting Mother Teresa just two months before her death in 1997.

At this point, Kate was just 15 and hadn’t yet met Wills – who she became to know when they were both at St Andrew’s University.


One of the images used in the Photoshop project. [Photo: Rex]


The snapshot of Diana meeting Mother Teresa just months before her death. [Photo: Rex]

Kohnke originally shared the image on just her account, writing, “What a great job at photoshopping… Let’s make this go viral!” Exactly that has happened as it’s now been shared over quarter of a million times, proving how beloved the pair of royals are.

Kate’s kept a relatively low profile since Charlotte’s birth, with just a handful of appearances including a visit to see the tennis Wimbledon and a royal engagement in Portsmouth. Wills’ wife was supposed to accompany him to a wedding at the weekend, but she was noticeably absent with her sister Pippa attending in her place.

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