President Obama weighs in on Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feud

Everybody seems to have an opinion on the Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feud, including President Obama.

During an interview on Michael Yo’s Miami radio program, the host – who also has his own omg! web series called “The Yo Show” – asked about the recent spat between the “American Idol” judges, and the president had some fun answering the softball question.

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“I think they are going to be able to sort it out,” President Obama, 51, joked to Yo. “I am confident. I am all about bringing people together, working for the same cause. I think both outstanding artists are going to be able to make sure that they’re moving forward and not going backwards.”

The president went on to say that he knows Carey, whom he described as “a wonderful lady,” as well as her husband Nick Cannon because the singer had “done some events for us.” And while he doesn’t know Minaj, 29, personally, he noted that he listens to her on his iPod.

So how would he do on “American Idol”? Not well, Obama laughed, adding, “I’m going to keep my day job.”

Earlier this month, Carey and Minaj – who are new additions to the judging panel along with Keith Urban – got into a verbal altercation during an audition. The exchange was caught on tape and Minaj was seen screaming at Carey. However, it was said to have continued after the cameras stopped rolling and Carey alleged that Minaj threatened to "shoot" her. Minaj denied that she threatened Carey’s life, but the "Vision Of Love" singer hired extra security as a precautionary measure.

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