Nicky Hilton Wrote a Fashion Book

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New York Fashion Week has ended, but sometime during that insanely busy period, Nicky Hilton launched her new style book, 365 Style, written with Allie Kingsley. The quieter of the two Hilton sisters appears on the cover in a tasteful top knot, sleek camel coat, beige booties and a simple leopard clutch.

The book is filled with fun stories of her trips to Greece and South Africa, tips including ways to avoid draining your date’s finances and an insider's guide of her favorite vintage shops (The Way We Wore, Shabon, Fisch for the Hip and Ina). She also lists her must-haves, such as gladiator sandals and a classic fedora.

While partying with the heiress during NYFW at OK! Magazine's cocktail soiree — where Hilton was celebrating with Christina Milian, Paula Garces (Devious Maids) and Natalie Dreyfuss (The Originals) — we found out the one item she has yet to get her hands on because, you know, stars are just like us: even they can't have everything they want.

What are you wearing right now?

I have a dress from Maje, my shoes are Aquazzura, and I am carrying an Yves Saint Laurent purse.

What bite-size treats do you like, to survive Fashion Week?

It’s got to be finger foods that are fast and easy to eat on the run (sandwiches, energy bars, etc.)!

If you could walk one show, what would it be?

Definitely Versace Haute Couture. The shows are beyond beautiful and glamorous. It was one of the first shows I ever attended in Paris. I was in awe.

What's the outfit that "got away" — what have you always wanted to own and missed out getting — and if you got it, where would you wear it?

Anything from the British flag collection that Chanel did a few years back. I still scour eBay 'til this day, looking for a purse from that collection. Little did I know then that I would end up with a British boy!

Chanel-hunting eBayers, now you know who your competition is.


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