Nickelodeon Cancels 'Victorious'

Nickelodeon Cancels 'Victorious'

The bad news for fans of the Victoria Justice sitcom "Victorious"? Nickelodeon has canceled the series.

The good news? The show will air for one more season before getting yanked. "Victorious" creator Dan Schneider confirmed the cancelation on his blog Friday, emphasizing that it was the network's decision to pull the plug.

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"By now, a lot of you have heard that Victorious will not be returning for a 4th season," Schneider wrote. "That is true. This was the network's decision – not mine." Schneider also confirmed that the show will run for another season. Also read: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Gets Premiere Date on Nickelodeon "There is a whole NEW season of 'Victorious' coming your way," he wrote. "We just finished shooting 15 new episodes, and they're amazing. If you love 'Victorious,' I feel sure you will love the NEW episodes coming!" Schneider -- who also created Nickelodeon fare such as "iCarly" and "Zoey 101" -- said he understood fans' disappointment, but urged them not to begrudge the show's stars. "I know that some of you are upset and angry – and while I feel terrible about that, I'm also flattered by it. I really appreciate that you care so much. It means you love the show, which makes me feel very proud," Schneider wrote. "But I ask that you please not be angry with Victoria, or Leon, Liz, Ariana, Avan ... or ANY of the 'Victorious' cast members or staff. They all wanted 'Victorious' to continue – so did I."

Nickelodeon has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

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