NFL Star Eli Manning Tebows, Dresses in Drag for SNL

Rihanna, Eli Manning and Andy Samberg | Photo Credits: Dana Edelson/NBC

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning ventured "a little" outside his element to host Saturday Night Live for the first time.

For his monologue, Manning talked about winning the Super Bowl for the second time earlier this year and called hosting the third most exciting night of his life. The Mississippi native then proceeded to show off his New York street smarts... by recommending his favorite Italian restaurant (an Olive Garden in New Jersey) and Broadway musical (Cats):

Manning showed off one of his hidden skills — making funny faces — as a man on trial for murder. His lawyer asks him to read and clarify a series of text messages he sent out when the crime was committed, which included several emoticon faces and also a lot of booty calls. It's pretty, as the kids would say, kewl:

Manning dressed in drag as Miss Chicken Fried Steak, a competitor in the Miss Drag World 2012 competition. Things get really ugly when Chicken gets third place in the competition:

Manning played himself in a sketch where football players must sport skintight motion capture suits to re-enact their signature victory moves for the John Madden football video game. Manning's celebration moves include drinking water, making a sandwich, brushing his hair and Tebow-ing, natch:

The Dictator, aka Admiral General Aldeen, aka Sacha Baron Cohen, stopped by "Weekend Update" to promote his latest film by bringing Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese onstage to offer his praise (because he was being held hostage, obviously):

What was your favorite sketch?

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