Mermaids Are Real! At Least That's What Mermaids: The Body Found Wants Us to Think

The Little Mermaid | Photo Credits: Walt Disney Studios

Mermaids: The Body Found begs the question: What if Ariel was right — are mermaids really part of our world?

But unlike the Disney classic, the new Animal Planet special is no fairy tale. Instead, the film, which aired over the weekend as part of the network's Monster Week, is a "speculative documentary" that explores the freaky possibility of mermaids actually existing.

The special used CGI to illustrate theories on what mermaids would look like and how they would reproduce.

Judging by their depiction in the special, we don't think Prince Eric would be rushing to wed a mermaid anytime soon. Instead of doe eyes and seashell bikinis, Mermaids: The Body Found shows the creatures to be far more ghoulish than girly.

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The film also contained supposed camera phone footage of a "real" mermaid washed up on a beach in Washington. Kneeling next to what appears to be an unconscious mermaid, a boy pokes at the body with a stick until the creature awakens with a howl and attacks the surprised teen.

It doesn't seem like a few gadgets and gizmos aplenty would appease this particular mermaid. In fact, the creature seems darn right vicious!

Let's just hope for humanity's sake that Mermaids: The Body Found is more docu-fiction than pure documentary.

Watch a clip from Mermaids: The Body Found below.