Mega Buzz: Can The Walking Dead's Daryl Bounce Back from Beth's Death?

Norman Reedus | Photo Credits: Gene Page/AMC

Walking Dead fans are still mourning the midseason finale death of Emily Kinney's Beth. Among them: user Regina, who wrote in seeking comforting scoop.

Norman Reedus tells that Daryl was also devastated to lose Beth, whom he had been searching for ever since she was kidnapped toward the end of Season 4. "Beth meant a lot to Daryl and I feel like she was, in his eyes, one of the only good people left in the world," Reedus says. "Daryl didn't think that people thought [like her] any longer. She was definitely a beacon of hope for him and he was sad to watch her go."

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The question remains: What will Daryl do with his grief? Although executive producer Scott M. Gimple has suggested that Beth's goodness might have rubbed off, Reedus doesn't expect viewers to see that anytime soon. "He's full of grief at this moment and he'll probably shut down a bit," he says. "On this show, something devastating happens and you never ever get to go through it because something else horrible happens. There'll be grieving and there'll be anger and there'll be outbursts. He's ready to just ambush things and just attack."

Even so, Daryl's experiences with Beth have changed him. And since he was able to rescue Carol (Melissa McBride), could we see a more romantic relationship between those two? "I never say never," Reedus says. "I think if he felt those feelings before, he didn't quite understand what those feelings were. But I think there was a part of him that was open to that."

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