Mega Buzz: Glee's Cliff-Hanger, Castle's Reckoning and Housewives' Seduction

Lea Michele, Nathan Fillion, Eva Longoria  | Photo Credits: Adam Rose/FOX, Randy Holmes/ABC, Ron Tom/ABC
Lea Michele, Nathan Fillion, Eva Longoria | Photo Credits: Adam Rose/FOX, Randy Holmes/ABC, Ron Tom/ABC

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Did Quinn die on Glee? — Kathy
Well, probably not. If Quinn was dead, wouldn't they be looking to cast an undertaker instead of a wedding planner? It's up to you decide if Ohio's premier knot-tying expert, who's described as more lumberjack than Jennifer Lopez, is coming to Lima to help Finn and Rachel pick out a chuppah or to find the most sanitary caterer in the Buckeye State for Will and Emma. Either way, you should probably start sending your requests for wedding-themed songs to Ryan Murphy pronto.

Is there any reason to hope Castle and Beckett will hook up this season on Castle? — Elizabeth
Hope springs eternal, Elizabeth, especially after an upcoming episode that involves a bombing at an anti-Wall Street rally. While Castle and Beckett try to piece together what happened, they will examine their relationship. "It does make Castle and Beckett start questioning what they're doing in life," executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe teases. "[The victims] had plans... and then suddenly their lives were over. So it makes you think: 'Should I wait or should I act now?' Those thoughts are definitely on their minds." I think I speak for many of us when I say: Enjoy yourself (It's later than you think)!

Got any scoop on Desperate Housewives? — Cheryl
As we previously teased, Gaby will soon be joining the rank and file of the employed, and she'll be surprisingly industrious. She'll use her substantial, ahem, assets to seduce her personal-shopping clients into dropping a chunk of change. Her commissions will also be substantial — that is, until one of her clients catches her at dinner with Carlos and Gaby introduces him as her brother.

Anything fun coming up on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Drew
Our team will soon be working closely with a couple of FBI agents, but neither of them sound like a walk in the park. Despite being smart and authoritative, a middle-aged female agent has become cynical and is just going through the motions. Perhaps that's because her younger partner only has his job because of his daddy.

Once Upon a Time scoop, please! — Billy
Now that Regina has discovered that Mr. Gold knows the truth about the curse, "their relationship is definitely going to change," executive producer Edward Kitsis says, noting that both their motives will become clear in the coming episodes. Lest we forget, Rumplestiltskin did create the curse that the Evil Queen unleashed. "The question that I would ask is: Why would somebody create a curse that they didn't themselves employ and for what reason? That is a question we're going to answer this year," he says.

I need some Bones scoop! — Rebecca
Get your spray cans and stencils ready: Bones is riffing on Banksy! Jay Paulson (Happy Town, October Road) will play an internationally celebrated graffiti artist known as Twerpski, who falls off a billboard he's defacing and ends up glued to a pile of human remains. (Ah, art!) Since there's still a murder to solve, The Jeffersonian team brings both the bones and the still-breathing vandal back to the lab. Bad news for Hodgins: Angela is Twerpski's biggest fan and flirts mercilessly with him.

Got any Lily and Marshall baby scoop for How I Met Your Mother? — Jessie
Lily's big day is nigh, but when she goes into labor, Marshall is stuck in Atlantic City with Barney. They'll do anything to get back to New York City, including risking the lives of their fellow passengers on a bus full of senior citizens.

I just watched the Awake pilot online, and I can't wait for more. Any teases? — Eric
Although the second episode continues to pursue the show's basic question — whether Detective Britten's wife or son survived a terrible car accident — it also offers a twist that could change the entire scope of the show. I'll just say this: The crash was almost certainly no accident.

Am I the only one who likes Tom and Ann together on Parks and Recreation? Please tell me Chris won't get in the way. — Rachel
Don't worry, Chris will set his sights on someone else soon. Unfortunately, she works for Bobby Newport, aka The Enemy.

Justified has been so good this season. What's next? — Nate
Next week's episode features both a crazy explosion and the murder of a familiar face. Bad news: Raylan is fingered for one of the crimes and Boyd ends up in jail for the other. Even worse news: It looks as if villains Quarles and Limehouse are on the verge of forming an unholy alliance.

What's this I hear about Raj getting a woman on The Big Bang Theory? — Jonnie
Raj's parents are hoping for an arranged marriage. Fortunately, Raj and his folks' chosen daughter-in-law have something in common: They both like women. Oh, wait...

So psyched for Psych's return. How will Shawn react to Gus finding his engagement ring? — Nina
Shawn manages to talk his way out of what Gus considers a major betrayal, but the two will still come to (hilarious) blows before the episode is over. Eventually, the boys put the squabble aside when Gus sees how sad Shawn becomes when a recurring character dies.

Natalie's Mega Rave: Dear Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, please start writing Bridesmaids 2 now so awards shows will always be this fun. The "Bridesmaids Six" were a bright spot in an otherwise lackluster Oscars. (Also: Scorsese!)

Adam's Mini Rant: It's not just that Billy Crystal's jokes were dated; they might also have been offensive. Case in point: Did he really think it was a good idea to dust off his 25-year-old impression of Sammy Davis Jr. (done in blackface) for a 2012 audience?

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(Additional reporting by Kate Stanhope)