Liz Lemon channels Princess Leia with her '30 Rock' wedding dress [Video]

Liz Lemon, getting married? Plenty of "30 Rock" fans uttered "Blerg!" at the very idea of their anti-romantic, annoyingly feminist heroine actually walking down the aisle. (This is, after all, the same woman who scheduled a root canal on Valentine's Day to avoid all the mushiness.) But we needn't have worried. Last night's nuptials were a perfectly strange, perfectly Liz Lemon affair, down to the wedding gown the bride chose: the Princess Leia outfit she wears to get out of jury duty.

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Liz wowed her beau Criss (James Marsden) at City Hall in her white "Star Wars" sheath, complete with Leia's classic bunhead hairdo. (As she whispered to Jack, "I'm a princess!") Flowers were stolen from a nearby hospital by Liz's sleazy ex Dennis, Criss bought Liz's ring (a jewel-encrusted knuckle ring that says "Tito") at a police auction, and Jack did a reading from Ayn Rand. Can't you just feel the love? At least legendary crooner Tony Bennett showed up to class up the proceedings.

Watch the whole ceremony right here (and try not to cry):

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And another great tidbit for "30 Rock" fans: Remember last night's flashback to a young Liz eye-rolling at her aunt's wedding? The girl playing little Liz was none other than Tina Fey's real-life daughter, seven-year-old Alice Richmond. (Check her out in the photo below, at bottom left.) Aw... she must've learned that sarcastic eye-roll by watching mommy.

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