Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Accounts Frozen by IRS to Pay Off $233k Debt: Report

Just when it seemed that things really couldn’t get any worse for Lindsay Lohan … they have. On Monday, just days after she was arrested for punching a woman at a New York City nightclub, it was reported that the IRS had frozen the actress’ bank accounts in order to get payment on the $233,904 she owes Uncle Sam in back taxes from 2009 and 2010. Although her “Scary Movie 5” co-star Charlie Sheen reportedly gave Lohan $100,000 to put towards her 2009 bill, the very generous gift seems to not have made much of a dent in the overall amount, which now also includes 2011 taxes, according to TMZ. (Lohan’s manager did not respond to omg!’s request for comment.)

In typical fashion, after Lohan’s new trouble was reported, her estranged father, Michael Lohan, inserted himself into the situation by running to Radar Online to give them an “exclusive” interview … because we were all anxiously awaiting what he had to say, right? “I would like to know where the $150,000 is she made on the Pink Energy Drink,” Michael told Radar, regarding the money his daughter got for “promoting” the drink, which included her tweeting about drinking it and attending an event the company threw on October 11. Lohan also reportedly earned $100,000 for her disastrous role in Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick,” but that too doesn’t seem like it went towards her IRS bill.

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So where is her money going? Although the actress is pulling in a mere fraction of what she once was, Lohan, 26, is apparently still the breadwinner for her Long Island-based family. According to a report, the NYC nightclub fight began because Lohan thought the woman she allegedly punched, Tiffany Mitchell, had taken her purse – which contained $10,000 in cash she had planned to give to her sister Aliana to hand over to mother Dina to pay for youngest brother Cody’s schooling. Got all that? Money was also the root of the problem in early October when the mother and daughter got into an early morning argument following a night of partying and the actress wanted the $40,000 she had given her mother to pay her mortgage returned to her.

Another place her money is going: her mounting legal bills. Lohan’s attorney Shawn Holley has been putting in overtime lately between the recent skirmish in NYC and the three charges stemming from the actress’ June car accident in Santa Monica, which could all land her back in jail. The Florida woman whom Lohan allegedly struck on Thursday morning has hired powerhouse lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her in her case against Lohan. Although they have not yet announced plans to pursue a lawsuit against the troubled star, that’s usually what happens when someone brings on Allred.

Lohan has not been seen since she was escorted out of New York City’s 10th Precinct early Thursday morning. Although there were reports that she might enter rehab in an effort to cut a deal with the judge to keep her out of jail, she’s reportedly telling friends she does not feel she needs any help.

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