KTVU Apologizes for Airing Offensive Fake Names of Asiana Flight 214 Pilots

KTVU | Photo Credits: KTVU

San Francisco Bay Area station KTVU has apologized for airing fake and racially offensive names of the four pilots on Asiana Flight 214.

Anchor Tori Campbell read the bogus names on air Friday, which included Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.

"We made several mistakes when we received this information. First, we never read the names out loud, phonetically sounding them out," an apology issued on the KTVU website read. The TV station also admitted to not properly vetting the person at the NTSB who provided the spelling of the names.

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The NTSB blamed the incident on an intern who "acted outside the scope of his authority," but KTVU said it accepts full responsibility for the error.

"We have a lot of good people here at KTVU Channel 2. We pride ourselves on getting it right and having the highest of standards and integrity," KTVU's statement continued. "Clearly, on Friday, that didn't happen. So again, from everyone here at KTVU, we offer our sincerest apology."

Watch the KTVU report below.