Kelly Clarkson Responds to Gay Rumors: "I Get Hit On by the Hottest Girls"

Liz Raftery
Kelly Clarkson | Photo Credits: Dave Hogan/Getty Images
Kelly Clarkson | Photo Credits: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson may be engaged, but that doesn't deter fans of both sexes from flirting with the American Idol winner.

"I get hit on by [guys and girls]," Clarkson tells Cosmopolitan magazine. "But usually the guys who hit on me are tools. It's the ones that don't hit on you that make you like, 'Why didn't you ask me out?' It's like American Idol auditions: The guys who are the most confident are the horrible ones, and the ones who are good have no confidence at all."

As for the ladies, the singer says she fares a bit better.

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"I get hit on by the hottest girls ever," she tells Cosmo. "Oh, my God, if I were a lesbian, I would be so in luck. But it's just not my thing. I've always batted for the boys' team."

Still, that hasn't stopped gay rumors from following Clarkson ever since she rose to fame on Idol. "People think, 'Oh, she's been single for too long,'" she explains. "That's kind of an insult to the gay community. Being single doesn't mean you're gay. But I'm never insulted by it, obviously.'"

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But sorry, guys — and girls — Clarkson is happily off the market.

"Six years I was single before this," she says of her engagement to Brandon Blackstock. "I've never been truly loved like I am right now."