Katy Perry Drops Divorce Statement Song

Jarett Wieselman
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While Russell Brand has done a few interview since his December divorce from Katy Perry, the musician has aptly chosen to let the music speak for her.

At last night's Billboard Music Awards Katy debuted a new song, Wide Awake, that not-so-subtly serves as her public statement about the split.

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With lines like, "I'm wide awake. I was in the dark, I was falling hard with an open heart. How did I read the stars so wrong?" it's easy to align with Katy's perspective on her marital mistake.

And it's clear she sees her time with Russell as a mistake, adding, lyrically, "I was dreaming for so long. I wish I knew then what I know now. I wouldn't dive in, I wouldn't bow down."

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But things are already better, just five months out, as she sings, "Not losing any sleep, I picked up every piece and landed on my feet. Need nothing to complete my self. I am born again, outta the lion's den. I don't have to pretend. The story's over now, the end."

Click here to watch the Billboard performance, or if you prefer decent vocals (seriously Katy, if you can't swing while singing, don't swing!!), watch the gorgeous lyric video below.

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