Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin Does Playboy

Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin Does Playboy

Kate Middleton's stripper cousin Katrina Darling is about to give the royal family a bit more unwanted publicity when she poses naked for Playboy.

A spokesperson for Hugh Hefner's iconic magazine confirms to The Insider that Darling will be on the cover of the September issue -- set to hit newsstands August 17 -- and will be featured in an eight-page pictorial inside.

VIDEO: Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin

Darling, 21, is Kate Middleton's second cousin but didn't even know about her relation to the Duchess of Cambridge until she was informed by the media.

She reportedly quit her job in banking earlier this year to become a burlesque dancer full-time and often strips naked in her "God Save the Queen" routine, during which she wears a tiny crown and tosses around a skirt with the colors of the British flag.

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