Kate Danson: Five Facts on Ted's Daughter

Kate Danson, daughter of "CSI" star Ted Danson, is set to appear alongside her dad in an upcoming episode of the hugely popular crime show. News of the casting sent Web searches on Kate Danson skyrocketing.

And that's not hyperbole. In the past 24 hours, Kate Danson has become one of Yahoo's top 300 overall search terms, putting her ahead of perennial favorites Kate Upton, Tiger Woods, and (gasp!) Justin Bieber.

Though she's by no means as well-known as her famous father, the lovely Ms. Danson has built an impressive career in Hollywood. Below, five facts on the suddenly celebrated Kate Danson.

1. This isn't the first time she's acted opposite her dad.

In 1989, Ted Danson starred in "Cousins," a romance about two married people who fall in love. According to IMDb, Kate appeared on screen. Look closely during a wedding reception scene and you'll see a (very) young Kate watching a video on TV.

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2. Her mom is Cassandra Coates.

Web searches on "Kate Danson's mother" are through the roof, so here's the scoop. Cassandra was Ted's second wife, and they were married for over 15 years before Ted's relationship with Whoopi Goldberg led to their split. The ensuing divorce is rumored to have cost Ted roughly $30 million. Cassandra told People magazine in 1995 that her husband's fame played a part. "Eventually the celebrity becomes helpless and unable to lead a normal life," she said. "That's when the family suffers, and ours was no exception."

3. Kate's married to the son of TV royalty.

Kate wed Jesse Bochco, son of famed TV producer Stephen Bochco ("Hill Street Blues" and "NYPD Blue"), in 2009. Ted told Ellen DeGeneres that his son-in-law proposed on Kate's birthday, December 24. While Bochco proposed outside, Ted and family watched the moment from an upstairs window. Wanna see their wedding photos? Here ya go.

4. Kate's casting led to huge interest in her dad, as well.

Here's something that may surprise you. On Monday, March 25, Yahoo searches for "Ted Danson" soared a staggering 11,371 percent, making the "CSI" star the day's biggest mover in the search box.

5. Kate's big episode will air April 3.

In the episode, Kate plays a tough lawyer who goes after her father's CSI team. Right now, the role is apparently just for one episode, but who knows. If she's this popular, producers might be wise to see if they can get her a recurring spot on the show.

"CSI" airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on CBS.