Kat Dahlia Channels Celia Cruz, Flys Cuban Flag on 'Tumbao'

Kat Dahlia shows her Cuban colors on only one track on her long-anticipated album My Garden. On the bilingual "Tumbao," the revelation from Miami adopts the chorus of Celia Cruz's "La Negra Tiene Tumbao," the song that brought the late salsa queen into the new millennium with a Cuban reggaeton beat and racy video (don't know what tumbao is? Watch this uncensored version of the Celia Cruz video by Cuban director Ernesto Fundora).

"I'm a little bit salsera, singer maybe rapper," Cuban American Dahlia says, mixing Spanish and English on her "Tumbao," a Latina pride anthem on which she defends her natural sabor. "Well, I'm not changing my style…I know where I come from I know where I'm going."

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She changes Cruz's line "la negra tiene tumbao" to "la blanca tiene tumbao" (which translates, basically, to "white girl has rhythm, swing, soul…"). Dahlia previously put out a Spanish-language version of "Gangsta," and has expressed a desire to record a Spanish (more likely bilingual) album in the future. Tiene tumbao? No doubt. Watch her perform "Tumbao" live at her 2013 Billboard Tastemakers session.