Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon: A Comedy Love Story

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon attend GQ's 2011 "Men of the Year" Party held at Chateau Marmont on November 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Lester Cohen/WireImage)

It's a match made in comedy heaven.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's meet-cute started at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. As they told GQ, Timberlake emerged from a giant boom box with his *NSYNC band members, and host Fallon, still a cast member on "Saturday Night Live," cracked a joke about needing 150,000 batteries.

And so a bromance was born. Over the next decade, they moved on in their careers -- Timberlake as a successful solo act and movie actor, and Fallon to his own "Late Night." But they still get together to make us laugh. Check out a timeline of their comedy friendship:

2003: Timberlake's first "SNL" hosting gig

Timberlake's first time as host (he'd been the musical guest before with *NSYNC) brought us the amazing creation that is "The Barry Gibb Talk Show." It would become a recurring sketch throughout the years, even after Fallon left "SNL" in 2004.

Another memorable Timberlake-Fallon collaboration was their impersonation of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey:


2005: Return of the Gibb

Timberlake wasn't hosting this time, but his then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz was. And so Fallon returned to "SNL," along with his "Fever Pitch" movie co-star, Drew Barrymore, to revive "The Barry Gibb Talk Show."


2006: Timberlake's second time as host

This infamous episode will be remembered as the debut of "D--- in a Box," but even though JT had a new friend in Andy Samberg, his old buddy Fallon showed up for another take on their classic sketch.


2009: Fallon's first "Late Night"

For his debut episode hosting "Late Night," Fallon called upon his friend to be one of his first guests. Little did we know then what their future "Late Night" collaborations would have in store for us…

A few months later, when JT hosted "SNL" for the third time, Fallon returned the favor.


2010: History is made

When Timberlake appeared on "Late Night" again in September 2010, he and Fallon busted out an instantly viral musical number, "History of Rap."

2011: Fourth time's the charm

Timberlake hosted again on last season's "SNL" finale on May 21, 2011, helping to send out Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island crew. And of course, Fallon was on hand to reprise his character of Barry Gibb.

Just a few months later, in July, the dynamic duo released "History of Rap 2"...

… and then "History of Rap 3."


And together, they were named GQ's Men of the Year for 2011. "We're good luck to each other — like each other's rabbit foots," Fallon said of Timberlake.


2012: My best friend's wedding

Fallon attended Timberlake's Oct. 19 wedding to Jessica Biel in Italy.

"It was just insane," he told Bravo's Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live."

"Everything was just beautiful. It was really, really a beautiful night, the perfect temperature."


2013: Only you

When Timberlake took over as Fallon's musical guest from March 11-15, it was the first time anyone did that on "Late Night." The duo gave us "History Rap 4," but it was the "last time ... until the next time we do this."

2013: #Funny

Several months after Timberlake's weeklong guesting stint, he returned for a instantly-viral video segment in which he and Fallon skewered the overuse of hashtags.


2014: V for victory

After Fallon took over as host of "The Tonight Show" in February, he concluded his first week with — what else — "History of Rap 5" with Timberlake.