Jon Stewart Mocks Anti-Vaccine Liberals: "They Practice a Mindful Stupidity"

Jon Stewart took aim at the Measles outbreak hitting the United States — and the "science denying affluent California liberals" who oppose vaccines.

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"They're not rednecks. They're not ignorant. They practice a mindful stupidity," Stewart said, mocking a Marin County Calif. woman interviewed on cable news who said if parents in her area opted against vaccines, they had a good reason for doing so.

"There's no red America. There's no blue America. There's just a needlessly sick America," Stewart said.

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Stewart also took issue with CNN's coverage of the Measles outbreak, which has been traced back to Disneyland and has affected more than 100 people. Part of CNN's coverage included an airplane and holograms of the Measles virus hurtling toward a reporter.

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