Jimmy Fallon Does Eddie Vedder Singing 'Jeremy (Lin)'

Jimmy Fallon Does Eddie Vedder Singing 'Jeremy (Lin)'

Jimmy Fallon went into impersonation mode again to play Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder singing an updated version of the band's hit "Jeremy" Thursday -- this time in tribute to the New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin.

Not to take anything away from Fallon's impersonation, but couldn't "Late Night" have gotten the real Vedder to do this? Pearl Jam are serious enough NBA fans to have previously named their band after Mookie Blaylock. And Vedder had enough of a sense of humor to show up in a "Portlandia" sketch about overly earnest tattoos. (Including one of himself holding two tambourines.)

Also: Now that we know Fallon can do both Neil Young and Vedder, we look forward to him dueting with himself on "Rockin' in the Free World."

Here's Fallon as Vedder on "Late Night":

Vedder on "Portlandia":

And, just for fun, Pearl Jam and Young:

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