Jim Parsons' Secret Twitter Account

Five Things You Don't Know About Jim Parsons

As a result of playing Sheldon Cooper on CBS' The Big Bang Theory, Emmy-winner Jim Parsons has become the god of geeks, so to speak. So when he appeared on Attack of the Show this week, their host informed Jim that his fans are all clamoring for him to join the conversation on Twitter.

Jim Parsons Plans For His Emmy Repeat

That's when Jim revealed he already has joined ... in secret!

"I have an account," Jim said, "[but] it's not under my name. It's under a pseudonym. I just follow .. a few sports things, a few political things, few news things."

Behind The Big Bang Theory

Jim said that he joined the social networking platform since it's the most impressive news aggregation on the market and not so he could learn the minutiae of everyone's life. "That's the problem I have with Twitter. If I like my ham sandwich, that's my business," he laughed.

He also added that while he's not an active Tweeter, he has sent a couple of messages to prominent figures. "I Tweeted to two sports figures, Houston Texans, who put up a hell of an effort in a losing battle but I didn't want them to feel discouraged and leave the sport. It's not important that [they know] it's from me, I just want them to know somebody cares."

So good luck tracking down Jim's secret account, BBT fans -- although if anyone could sniff him out, it'd be you!

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