Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Plan?

Now that Jessica Simpson has finally delivered her bundle of joy, she’s apparently prepared to lose weight for a bundle of cash.

Last December, the New York Post reported that the star had inked a $3 million deal with Weight Watchers to become its spokesperson. That means we could watch the reality TV star go from maternity duds to her Daisy Dukes.

The fashion mogul, who jokingly called herself “fat” while pregnant, has another motivation: She is planning to wed her fiancé, Eric Johnson, and would probably like to be slimmed down for her walk down the aisle.

Us Weekly, citing an unnamed source, says Simpson “would have one year to use the point-counting program to ‘lose a significant amount of weight.’”

Then, as those familiar with the program know, there would be the big reveal of skinny Jessica, who would appear in ads for the diet company touting its formula for success.

The 31-year-old wouldn’t be the first star to cash in on her post-baby weight gain. Current spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson signed on with Weight Watchers after giving birth and lost 80 pounds on the diet plan.

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And good news for the star, who has been enjoying being off diet and exercise of late: The Points Plus plan is flexible, assigning a number value to foods that dieters already eat. So J-Simp won't have to give up the PB&J sandwiches (11 points) she craved throughout her pregnancy. All that's required is simple math. 

Simpson told Hello magazine that she put on 40 pounds during pregnancy, and added, "Eating and not having to worry too much about it has been fun. But I'm ready for it to be over. I'm ready to have my body back."