Jennifer Aniston reveals pregnant belly in funny new ad

According to tabloid magazine covers, Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant, oh, about a million different times. Now the newly-engaged actress is having fun with those pesky rumors in a new ad.

The funny new video for Smartwater, featuring cameos by Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel, is designed to look like security footage from the “Friends” star’s home. The 43-year-old celeb plays a fictionalized version of herself and pokes fun at the endless pregnancy chatter by arriving home looking normal with her rock-hard abs, then removing a girdle and revealing a huge pregnancy belly. “How are my little triplets doing?” she says, resting a hand on her stomach.

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Later, while Aniston is by her pool, Kimmel – who plays her son – comes outside in his water wings and wants to go swimming. “I think you’re ashamed of me,” Kimmel – who is trailed by another Aniston offspring, an alien – says to his “mom” as she tries to shoo him back inside. “Please before anyone sees you, will you please get inside?" she says. "Hurry. Come on – scoot!”

Another fun bit has Aniston is getting ready for bed. Staring into her bathroom mirror, she says, “Good night, Rachel” and pulls off a wig, revealing her “real” hair -- a hideous dark and curly ‘do styled in two pigtails on the top of her head.

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Since Aniston announced her engagement to Justin Theroux in August, a whole new crop of pregnancy rumors have started. No word on when the couple will tie the knot, but according to reports she wants to have a destination wedding with only her closest friends in attendance.

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