Jackie Chan Supports Death Penalty for Drug Offenders After Son's Arrest

Rush Hour actor Jackie Chan, whose son Jaycee was arrested last year for drug trafficking, told students at a Singapore anti-drug press conference on Thursday, May 7, that he backs the death penalty for those charged with drug-related offenses.

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"On some issues, I do support the death penalty," the star, 61, said (via BBC News). "When you're hurting thousands and thousands of young children, I think these kind of people are useless. You should get the right punishment."

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Chan reasoned: "[Young people say] 'it's okay, it's just like a cigarette,'" he noted to the Nanyang Polytechnic students. "I say, 'It's not okay, not in my family.'"

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Indeed, the issue hit incredibly close to home when Chan's son Jaycee, 32, was arrested last August and imprisoned for drug use and trafficking. Chan addressed the incident again on Thursday during his talk at the school, saying he was "very angry" and "shocked" by his son's transgressions.

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"I'm concentrating on him now," Chan said. "[It] used to be just, 'You are a grown man.' But now I've found out that he's still a boy."