In Interview With Piers Morgan, George Zimmerman's Brother Breaks Silence on Trayvon Martin Shooting (Video)

America knows George Zimmerman as the man who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin last month. On Thursday night, Zimmerman’s brother broke his family's silence, and spoke with CNN host Piers Morgan in an attempt to show another side of the man Morgan described as "one of the most hated" people in America.

"He’s the neighbor that everybody would want to have," Robert Zimmerman said of his brother. "He goes out of his way to help people. He always has."

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Morgan pressed Zimmerman for details on what happened the night his brother killed Martin. Zimmerman dismissed allegations that his brother had simply "pulled out a gun and shot" the teenager.

Zimmerman said just before the shooting, Martin threatened to kill his brother and attempted to take his gun away. As Zimmerman understands it, Martin either said "This is going to be easy. You die tonight," or "You have a piece. You die tonight."

Zimmerman said Martin could have killed his brother.

"He stopped someone from disarming him," Zimmerman said. "That’s called saving your life."

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The interview came hours after director Spike Lee apologized for tweeting the address of an elderly couple living at a residence he believed belonged to Zimmerman. Roseanne Barr also apologized Thursday for tweeting the actual address of Zimmerman's parents.

She has since deleted the tweet, but it remains in the timelines of followers who retweeted it.

“If Zimmerman isn’t arrested I’ll rt his address again.” Barr tweeted. “maybe go 2 his house myself.”

Those tweets took on a different light after Robert Zimmerman revealed to Morgan that his family had received threats since news of the case gained national attention.

"I can tell you that I myself have been contacted by law enforcement because there was credible intelligence that could threaten me," Zimmerman told Morgan.

While Zimmerman’s family has until now kept quiet about the killing, the parents of Martin have been speaking out about it. They appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight Wednesday to call for justice for their son.