'Inside Amy Schumer' Fights Comedy Central's P-Word Censor, Wins

Amy Schumer is now free to say "pussy" on her television show whenever she feels like it. In fact, all of Comedy Central's comedians can, thanks to Schumer's executive producer Dan Powell.

Schumer and her executive producers and writers talked about Inside Amy Schumer at the New York Comedy Festival on Saturday. Head writer and executive producer Jessi Klein brought up the show's fight to get the word "pussy" uncensored on Comedy Central. "It was a great moment in U.S. history," said Klein.

"Dan decided that it wasn't fair that they bleep the word 'pussy,' " said Schumer, as recounted by Vulture. Klein added, "Because you are allowed to say the word 'dick' on Comedy Central."

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Powell explained that he took action. "Halfway through the first season, we started to realize that a lot of the show was addressing women's issues and gender politics," said Powell, who then explained he researched and prepared a formal statement for standards & practices. He compared the experience to writing to a congressman. After a conference with the standards & practices executives, the network allowed the word to be aired uncensored.

"That was Dan's Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," said Schumer.

Here's a look at the first sketch Schumer did, sans any "pussy" censoring: