In the Hot Seat: What to watch (or not) on TV talk shows the week of February 25

Sarah D. Bunting

Monday, February 25

Watch: Brooke Shields AND Susan Lucci AND Gloria Steinem all on "The View" may mean the random-guest-combo race is over before it starts this week. Will Alec Baldwin have more to say about former co-star Shia LaBoeuf's departure? Tune in to Letterman and find out, or watch the brilliant Alan Cumming on Fallon.

Skip: Russell Crowe isn't the most sparkling interviewee at times; you may want to skip Leno.

Tuesday, February 26

Watch: Rachael Ray is giving a dad a mullet makeover. Is she just redoing the mullet? Or getting rid of it? Because that's more of a mullet murder, no? We're overthinking this. We also may be overthinking Morrissey's appearance on Kimmel, i.e., whether it's even happening (he's been sick lately) and what kind of amazing booker-fu got him AND Terrence Howard on the show the same night.

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Skip: Matthew Lillard on Ferguson, unless you've forgiven him for the "Scooby-Doo" movies. We're not there yet.

Wednesday, February 27

Watch: Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys of "The Americans" hit "The View," Tina Fey is on Letterman, Stanley Tucci is on Kimmel, and Christian Slater is on Fallon. Man, this week's got some really great guestage. And The Miz is on Conan! Love that guy!

Skip: Like we said, everything's pretty good. Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 28

Watch: Mark Burnett visits Carson Daly and may give up some behind-the-scenes intel on "Survivor." The talented Ed "The Right Stuff" Harris is talking to Tavis Smiley, and Rachel Maddow brings the political insight on "The Daily Show." (Don't change the channel: speechwriter Jon Favreau is on "The Colbert Report" right after.)

Skip: Letterman's in reruns the remainder of the week.

Friday, March 1

Watch: Got to love the random guest combo on "The Chew" -- Genie Francis of "General Hospital" and Regina King of "Southland." Two of our favorite shows; NOT two shows you think of in the same breath. Tate Donavan is on "The Talk," we hope revealing whether he did his own sideburn stunts in "Argo," along with Monty Hall, who's celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Let's Make a Deal." (And yes, the randomest guest combo of the day may in fact…be behind Door #2.) But Leno is in the RGC hunt with Abigail Breslin and Bill O'Reilly. Please, please let Breslin trump O'Reilly on a Lincoln point of trivia… And if you're not into the guest combos, listen to Bonnie Raitt's sweet tunes on Ellen.

Skip: Donald Trump reiterates how awesome he is on "The View."

The Miz chats with Larry King. As you do.