Iconic Hair Stylist Vidal Sassoon Dead at 84

Lindsay Silberman
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Vidal Sassoon | Photo Credits: Maury Phillips/WireImage
Vidal Sassoon | Photo Credits: Maury Phillips/WireImage

Legendary British hair stylist and entrepreneur Vidal Sassoon has died at the age of 84, The Los Angeles Times reports.

According to law enforcement, Sassoon was found dead at his Mulholland Drive home after an unspecified illness. He was surrounded by his family.

Often referred to as the "founder of hairdressing," Sassoon began his career at the age of 14, when his mother shipped him off to serve as an apprentice at a salon in London's East End. Several years later, in 1954, he opened his first salon.

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Sassoon's star rose when he gave Mia Farrow the severe pixie cut she wore in Rosemary's Baby. He is also credited with creating the "bob" haircut. His successful line of hair products bore the memorable tagline: "If you don't look good, we don't look good." He was also the subject of a 2010 documentary titled Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

Sassoon married his fourth wife, Ronnie, in 1992. According to an interview in The Telegraph, he blamed his three previous failed marriages on his commitment to his craft. "I was all about my thoughts, my work, my inspiration. I was always in hair," he said.

He is survived by his wife and three children. His daughter, Catya, died in 2002 at age 33 of a drug overdose.