Hulk Hogan admits sex tape partner is his best friend’s wife

What’s a little wife-borrowing amongst friends? Hulk Hogan has admitted that he did appear in the sex tape that is making its way around the web, and that his buxom brunette co-star is none other than Heather Clem, the now-ex-wife of his best friend, radio disc jockey Bubba the Love Sponge.

In an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday morning, the pro wrestler revealed that his good pal did indeed allow him to have sex with his wife in 2006 as things were falling apart with his now ex, Linda Hogan. “I considered both people close friends,” Hogan explained to Stern, after the shock jock joked that it “was awfully nice” of Bubba to offer up his lady love. “There was ongoing dialogue over two years about this. I said, ‘Honestly, give me a break, stop, you’re joking.’ It was almost to a point of being funny. And then when I bottomed out, when my whole personal life was, you know, I was in a bad situation with … I knew my marriage was really screwed up bad … verbal and mental abuse.”

Although the whole situation is an embarrassing one for Hogan, 59, he says he’s most upset that someone close to him secretly taped him having sex – and then attempted to sell the footage. During the Stern interview, the former reality star hinted he had “a gut instinct” who was behind it all, but wouldn’t say. He also insisted he and Bubba were still good friends, but that may soon change.

TMZ reports it has viewed the end of the sex tape, and after Hogan leaves, Bubba and Clem can be seen (and heard) talking about selling it. "If we ever did want to retire, all we'd have to do is use this," says Bubba, according to TMZ. Clem tells him, “You’d never do that,” to which he retorts, “I wouldn’t do that” … but did he?

For his sake, we hope not. On Tuesday, Hogan filed a police report in Clearwater, Florida, to seek help in finding out who illegally recorded him … and the offense is a felony.

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