Honey Boo Boo has a meltdown on 'Dr. Drew'

Has Honey Boo Boo had it with TV? The reality television star of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" had a meltdown moment on "Dr. Drew."

The former "Toddlers and Tiaras" star (whose real name is Alana Thompson) appeared on the show as part of a promotional tour for the new season of her show. But the seven-year-old's patience with the talk-show circuit seems to be wearing thin.

Rather than submit to questions from the grown-up, the seven-year-old pretended to be asleep, snoring loudly. Dr. Drew tried to ask Alana a question. "Is it difficult to be on TV?" In response, Honey Boo Boo dropped her head down in her arms and made loud snoring sounds.

"She's sleeping," said Dr. Drew. Trying to draw her out, he asked, "Is there something exciting you'd like to talk about?" The Georgia native responded by fidgeting, flopping her arms about.

Mama June, who has been criticized for exploiting her child, along with filling her up on junk food and "go-go juice," a combination of Mountain Dew and Red Bull, prompted her daughter, "Alana, come on up so we can get this done and we can go."

Dr. Drew tried again: "Do you like being on TV?" This time she said loudly, "No!" "You hate it? How come?" asked Dr. Drew.

Alana told him, "Fans come up to me and I hate it."

"Yeah, right," interjected a surprised mom.

The elementary school student also appeared on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" and "Access Hollywood" to promote her show, which returns to TLC. Meanwhile, may we suggest a nap and a juice box.