Hart of Dixie Finale Recap: 'We Love Love!'

Hart of Dixie Season 3 Recap

Wedding fever hit Hart of Dixie on Friday’s season finale as the town attempted to throw three nuptials in one weekend.

After all, in the ‘burbs of Bluebell, “We love love!” declares Lavon.

But did all the romance bring Zoe and Wade – who only has two days before his big move to Atlanta – back together?Did George and Lemon rekindle their relationship? And did Annabeth accept Davis’ proposal? Or does her heart belong to Lavon?

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Let’s review the major couple developments (and say thanks for the show’s renewal):

ZOE AND WADE | The cute doc develops a serious case of hiccups as she pretends to be happy for Wade about his new gig. It’s actually Lemon who gets Zoe to accept the truth. She confronts her about the real reason she returned to Bluebell. “You realized you belong here? Or you realized you belong with him?” she asks. Zoe keeps denying her feelings until the hiccups gets so bad that she finally blurts out, “Fine! I love Wade!” just as her ex Joel walks in. But surprisingly, he’s not here to cause complications — he’s dating a comedy writer — and he actually encourages her to tell Wade how she feels about him. So at Meatball and Lily Anne’s wedding, Zoe gets up in front of everyone to congratulate Wade on his new job. “We’re going to miss him so much because…we love him. No, not we,” she says. He had the guts to tell her he loved her, “So today, I’m telling you, I love you,” she continues. But Wade doesn’t reciprocate and just walks out. What?! The next day, he’s still planning to move. Double what?!

“We tried to make this work. We tried for a long time, and it didn’t,” he tells her. But Zoe’s not taking no for an answer. After Wade turns down the job because office life is not for him and shows up at Sylvie and Brando’s wedding, the two share a dance. Emboldened by Sylvie and Brando’s second chance at love, Zoe knows Wade is wrong about the two of them not having a future. “And I’m going to prove it,” she promises him. “As long as it takes. I’m not giving up.” And the looks on Wade’s smiling face as she walks away says it all.

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GEORGE AND LEMON | With Fancie’s in shambles, the two decide to call it quits on their business partnership. George buries himself in a Don Todd adventure, while Lemon goes to her grandmother for money. She’ll get the cash if she agrees to go on that belles and bachelors cruise. After some reluctance, she agrees to the trip. “I’m going to find a new beginning. Or an iceberg. Whatever comes first,” she tells Zoe. Meanwhile, George has an epiphany about the one who drives him crazy and rushes to the ship to confess his love to Lemon, but the doors are already closed and a bachelor is already eying Lemon. Oh, and Lavon also went to the port to spill his feelings to Lemon!

ANNABETH AND DAVIS | By now, you’ve probably guessed that this recap doesn’t end with Lavon and Annabeth back together, but the story isn’t over for the belle. Annabeth takes some time before responding to Davis’ proposal. In the meantime, he confesses his secret to her: He owns a lot of the same pair of sneakers. Like a lot. OK… Not a dealbreaker, Annabeth, right? Not right away, but eventually, she makes a confession of her own to Davis: “I’ve been the rebound person. Which is why I know you deserve more than to settle for someone who’s still in love with someone else.” Oh boy, this is going to get messy.

Hart of Dixie Seasn 3 Recap


About those weddings: Only two out of three actually make it past the vows. Lily Anne and Meatball break up mid-nuptials when they realize they don’t know each other. Meanwhile, Cricket — not Stanley! — declares that she’s gay as their vow renewal ceremony starts. (Lemon’s priceless response is to the right.) At least Brando and Sylvie actually got hitched. Also, Tom and Wanda are expecting an alpaca a baby!

Hart of Dixie fans, what did you think of Zoe’s promise to Wade? How do you feel about a George/Lemon/Lavon love triangle? And poor Annabeth, right? Hit the comments with your thought and grade the season ender below!

Hart of Dixie Finale Recap: 'We Love Love!'

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