Gwyneth Paltrow Was 'Nervous' About Throwing Cook Book Party

Gwyneth Paltrow was anxious before throwing a dinner party to celebrate her new cook book My Father's Daughter Monday for pals Jay-Z and Martha Stewart.

"I had a lot of nervous anticipation about it," the Oscar-winning actress told the New York Post at a NYC fete celebrating Adam Rapoport's first issue of Bon Appetit magazine. "I spent all of Sunday… cooking and preparing everything."

"Martha didn't stay for the dinner," Paltrow added. "She had a drink and then left."

Said a rep for Stewart: "Martha had a previous dinner engagement that she couldn't miss. She told Gwyneth she was sorry she wasn't able to stay, but was happy that she could stop by the party."

Jay-Z, Cameron Diaz, Michael Stipe, Jerry Seinfeld and Paltrow's husband Chris Martin stuck around for dinner to celebrate the cook book, which has received mixed reviews from critics.