Grimm Preview: The Incident That Emotionally 'Destroys' Nick – Plus: Adalind, Meet Entrails?!

Grimm Season 3 Spoilers David Giuntoli
Grimm Season 3 Spoilers David Giuntoli

For a while, we’ve been hearing about the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad thing Grimm‘s Nick does while under Baron Samedi’s zombie spell.

That long-heralded incident finally takes place in the second half of the season premiere – which airs Friday at 9/8c on NBC – and it’s a doozy.

Star David Giuntoli previews to TVLine thatthe unfortunate event causes our hero “tremendous conflict and guilt” and “destroys Nick, mentally and emotionally.”

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He adds: “Nick is a person who wants justice and wants to do things right,” and he has trouble reconciling his friends’ reactions to what he’s done.

“I don’t understand how people can just go on with their day after what happened,” he says.

Also unsettling is the fact that Captain Renard – who seems like Nick’s ally, at least at the moment – “has something over him, if need be,” Giuntoli adds. “It’s a card that can be played at any time.”

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Grimm Season 3 Preview David Giuntoli
Grimm Season 3 Preview David Giuntoli

Meanwhile, in Stefania’s Parlor of Truly Disgusting Tasks, Adalind is far from done with Frau Pech’s corpse.

“She gets her hands, her shirt and her soul even dirtier, if that’s possible,” says portrayer Claire Coffee, who at one point must stuff the much-abused frau with dead flowers and then stitch her up like a football. “Basically, it’s like playing a really grotesque game of Operation.”

Keep watch at the end of the episode for a sign that Ade’s labors haven’t been in vain. “If drinking alcohol is going to affect your baby, then I would think smearing the entrails of an old hag [on yourself] has got to have some effect,” Coffee muses.

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