Graphic Designer Could Cash in Big With Super Bowl Commercial

INDIANAPOLIS – A 39-year-old graphic designer has the chance to turn $20 into $1 million this weekend after creating one of Super Bowl Sunday’s cheapest, yet most ingenious commercials.

Jonathan Friedman, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, is one of five contestants in Crash The Super Bowl, the Doritos competition that invited fans to make their own ad, with the winning entry having the chance to take home a cool seven-figure payday.

Most entries on the final list had a budget in excess of $1,000, yet all Friedman used was a cat collar and a bag full of doggie treats for his creation -- Man’s Best Friend -- which can be seen below.

“This is about as cheap as it gets,” he told omg!. “The biggest thing was the time. It was a pretty cool dog that we used, but it wasn’t trained at all and we had to wait five or six hours for it to do what we wanted.”

“I have played around with making videos for years and it is pretty exciting to have the chance to make all that money.”

Friedman will find out of Sunday if his entry has been successful when the first Doritos commercial is played during the game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.