Gordon Ramsay's top rants

Chef Gordon Ramsay on "Hell's Kitchen"

The celebrity chef celebrates his 46th birthday on November 8 -- and woe to the person who has to prepare him his birthday dinner. As fans of his shows know, the man is easily moved to fits of rage, hurling verbal abuse at cooks for not meeting his exacting standards.

The British reality-TV star keeps fans tuning in to catch the profanity-laced moments when the chef becomes part drill sergeant, part potty mouth with contestants on his reality shows "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares." In addition to the rants, the award-winning restaurateur does enjoy discovering new talent. The culinary critic's rants may make his kitchen hopefuls miserable, but they provide some great TV moments.

Here, some of Ramsay's top rants.

"Kitchen Nightmares": Jack's Waterfront -- kitchen inspection

Actually, we kind of get why he would have a meltdown over the nasty state of this unclean kitchen.


"Hell's Kitchen": "Where's the lamb sauce?"
Hell hath no fury like Chef Ramsay without his lamb sauce.

"Hell's Kitchen": Chef Ramsay versus Joseph the Marine

A classic Ramsay moment: a dispute with a contestant in Season 6 that almost turns into a fistfight.