Gabourey Sidibe Reveals the Terrible Advice She Got From Joan Cusack [Video]

A young actress getting to meet one of her big-screen idols? Great! That same idol utterly crushing the young actress's hopes and dreams? Not so great.

That's pretty much exactly what happened to "The Big C" star Gabourey Sidibe when she met one of her heroes, quirky actress Joan Cusack. On last night's "Watch What Happens Live," host Andy Cohen asked Sidibe which celebrity she was most disappointed by when she met them, and she told the story of how she ran into Cusack at a industry party -- and Cusack told her she should quit show business because "it's so image-conscious."

Ouch! Granted, this did happen before Sidibe hit it big with "Precious," but it's still crazy that Joan Cusack is going around telling unconventional young actresses to get out of the biz. (We're guessing that stint with an unflattering neckbrace in "Sixteen Candles" must've scarred her for life.) Anyway, we're glad Sidibe didn't let a toxic (if well-intentioned) piece of advice like that slow her down. We need more Gaboureys (and more Joans) in our movies and TV shows -- and fewer Kardashians.

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