Flo the Insurance Lady Was on 'Mad Men'?!

Stephanie Courtney as Flo in a Progressive Insurance commercial and as Marge on Season 1 of "Mad Men."

What, you don't remember when Flo, that superperky saleswoman from the Progressive Insurance commercials, traveled back in time to the "Mad Men" era? She did, when Flo's portrayer, comedian Stephanie Courtney, appeared as droll switchboard operator Marge in five memorable Season 1 episodes of the AMC drama.

Whether she was watching, disgusted, with Peggy as Ken Cosgrove chased a secretary around an office party to sneak a peek at her panties or discussing the more titillating passages in great literature with Joan, Marge's appearances were brief but memorable.

Check out videos of Courtney's "Mad Men" performances:

Marge in "Nixon vs. Kennedy":

Marge in "Marriage of Figaro":

Here are eight more things you might not have known about the sassy headband wearer who just wants to make sure you get a good price on your auto insurance:

1. Though fans of Flo think she's all that, Courtney doesn't find her advertising alter ego -- whom she's played since 2008 -- at all sexy. "I don't know what it is. The way I play her, she's pretty much the most asexual thing on TV right now," she says. "I think the GEICO lizard puts out more sexual vibes than Flo does."

2. You might have seen the actress in her many other TV guest appearances, including "House," "United States of Tara," "ER," "Angel," "The Comeback," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Men of a Certain Age," and "Mr. Show with Bob and David."

3. She also had a recurring role on the short-lived 2007 ABC comedy "Cavemen," inspired by the GEICO cavemen commercials (GEICO, of course, is a Progressive Insurance rival).

4. Courtney doesn't have a verified Twitter account, but Flo does, and she uses it to share such missives as "If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, isn't that just two hard places?" Deep.

5. In addition to her TV and movie ("The Heartbreak Kid" and "Blades of Glory") acting gigs, Courtney is also a standup comedian and a member of the Groundlings improv comedy troupe, whose alumni also include Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Will Forte, Janeane Garofalo, Kathy Griffin, Phil Hartman, Lisa Kudrow, Kaitlin Olson, Conan O'Brien, Paul Reubens, and Kristen Wiig.

6. Courtney's favorite Flo commercial? She told the Daily Beast that it's the one in which Flo tries to sell a box of insurance to a man carrying a "European shoulder bag" -- i.e., a "murse."

7. Flo is a popular Halloween costume, so popular that the Progressive website even sells an "official" Flo costume: apron, an I Heart Insurance button, a name tag, a wig, and a headband, all for $39.99. Also available: Flo tees, talking bobbleheads, and free video tips on how to do your hair and makeup like Flo.

"Mad Men" airs Sundays at 10 PM on AMC.