First Look: Britney Spears gets tough with 'X Factor' contestants [Video]

Move over, Simon Cowell: There's a new "mean judge" on "The X Factor"... and shockingly, it's Britney Spears who's hurling the insults.

We thought the sweet, gee-golly pop diva would play the good cop on the new-look "X Factor" judging panel, filling the supportive-cheerleader role vacated by Paula Abdul. But based on this new promo clip, we were way off. Here, Britney has no problem dishing out some way-harsh critiques to contestants: "Very predictable"; "You definitely don't have the X-factor"; and our personal favorite, "You can't destroy that song, sweetie." (Hey, at least she called them "sweetie"!)

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So will Brit-Brit replace Simon as "X Factor's" resident villain? We'll have to wait until September 12, when Season 2 premieres, to find out for sure.

"The X Factor" returns Wednesday, 9/12 at 8 PM on Fox.