How Fashion Became Music's New Income Stream

From launching billion-dollar brands to fronting iconic luxury labels, artists from Kanye West to Jessica Simpson are approaching style as an additional source of cash at a time when music sales have fallen. But as the numbers behind some of this year’s most major deals prove, musicians are returning the favor by lifting both the sales and social reach of the brands that have tapped them


Adidas Fashion Debut: Though his ready-to-wear forays have mixed results, when it comes to sneakers, 38-year-old Yeezy has the magic touch

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Dior, Puma Campaigns: Sources say RiRi probably took a fee on the lower end of the spectrum for her Dior deal, since it was beneficial both exposure- and prestige-wise. But the 27-year-old star more than made up for it with a campaign for contemporary athletics brand Puma.

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Calvin Klein Campaign: Love it or hate it, the 21-year-old’s January abs-essed ad campaign generated enough controversy and buzz to actually lift sales

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Keds Campaign: The 25-year-old pop princess made sky-high stilettos her go-to for the stage and streets of New York, but put on a pair of slip-ons for the footwear brand this year

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Following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps, musicians are banking on their reach with sponsored fashion Instagrams. Here’s what experts say posts from these three celebs likely would be worth

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Historically, celebrity perfumes have been cash cows for performers, who receive between 2 and 10 percent of royalties depending on contractual obligations, but an oversaturated market has led to a drop in sales. In 2013, fragrances lost 1 percent of their market share, which might not sound like much, but actually amounts to millions. Franchises like Britney Spears’, which launched during the late 1990s (i.e., the fragrance heyday), tend to fare better than, say, those from newcomers like One Direction.

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This article originally appeared in the Sept. 19 issue of Billboard.