Exclusive Video: Bertha Drinks Nail Polish on My Strange Addiction

My Strange Addiction  | Photo Credits: TLC
My Strange Addiction | Photo Credits: TLC

Bertha loves nail polish, but isn't addicted to manis and pedis.

On Sunday's My Strange Addiction (10/9c, TLC), the 23-year-old reveals that she likes to hit the bottle... the nail polish bottle that is. Bertha got her first craving to drink the colorful stuff five years ago when she couldn't resist the smell in a salon.

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She even has different ways of enjoying this unique beverage: sipping, taking shots or licking it from the tiny brush. What's next? A flaming nail polish cocktail?

Check out this exclusive clip of Bertha quenching her bizarre thirst:

My Strange Addiction airs back-to-back new episodes on Sunday at 10/9c on TLC.

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