Exclusive First Look: Duane 'Dog' Chapman and Wife Guest Star on 'Hawaii Five-0' [Video]

No, you're not watching a particularly exciting snippet from the defunct A&E series "Dog the Bounty Hunter," but it's understandable that you might be confused. This scene with Duane "Dog" Chapman running down a bad guy is very similar to the real-life escapades that Duane "Dog" Chapman regularly chronicled on the reality show. Instead, this exclusive clip is from the upcoming episode of "Hawaii Five-0," in which Dog guest-stars along with his real-life wife and assistant, Beth Chapman. And what a perfect fit! Dog is a resident of the Hawaii Kai, a neighborhood in Honolulu.

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In the above exclusive sneak peek, Dog -- who portrays himself in the CBS police procedural -- is running down a very able-bodied man who appears to dabble in parkour. But even this guy can't get away when Dog is on the hunt. They race down a flight of stairs and jump over the railing. Just as it looks as though the criminal is going to get away, Dog calls in his crew -- with Beth at the wheel of their SUV, of course. They run him down, cut him off, and corner him in an alley. Dog tackles the wrongdoer into a parked car, yelling (in true Dog form), "Where do you think you're going, brother?"

Then they all get caught off guard when a woman's body falls from above -- probably from a window -- and crashes into the very car that the criminal is pinned against.

In this second exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, the Five-0 has arrived on the scene, and the bad guy (named Russell) that the team originally tracked down is being cuffed. Dog hands him off, along with his warrant, to officials. The woman's body is the real case for the Five-0, though. "First time you beat us to a crime scene," Lt. Cmdr. Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) says to Dog. They agree that it's about time they ran into each other on the island. Dog gives the lieutenant the scoop on three-striker Russell and then passes off the crime scene to the Five-0.

To see Dog and Beth's guest spot, tune in to "Hawaii Five-0" on Monday, 3/18 at 10 PM on CBS.

Want even more Dog and Beth? Tune in to CMT for their all-new, 11-episode series "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt" premiering Sunday, 4/21 at 8 PM.