Eddie Murphy Not Proud of 'Beverly Hills Cop' Sequels, Wanted TV Series Sooner

Michael Yo and guests discuss Murphy and the upcoming "Beverly Hills Cop" TV series.

The heat is on! Especially when it comes to '80s fever these days, and CBS is jumping on the resurgence by producing a pilot based on the "Beverly Hills Cop" film franchise. According to "Yo Show" guest Jim O'Heir ("Parks and Recreation"), Eddie Murphy thought the film should have made the leap to TV a long time ago: "He said movie two and three, not proud of. And he believes it belongs on television." Now, it's so happening!

O'Heir, Yo, and comedian Jonny Loquasto -- all hard-core "Beverly Hills Cop" fans -- sat down to chat about the classic action-comedy and the star who made it famous. While viewers won't get a whole lot of Murphy in the small-screen version, he is making an appearance in the first episode and serving as executive producer. Even better: He'll be rocking that iconic Detroit Lions letterman jacket! "How cool is that?" asks Yo. In fact, you can buy one of your very own for $350. "Welcome to television. There's merchandising," O'Heir says.

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Fun fact (that's not so fun for Lions' fans): "'Beverly Hills Cop' came out in 1984, 30 years ago almost, and the Detroit Lions have not won anything in those entire 30 years," Loquasto jokes. Well, they had a couple of division championship wins in the '90s. That's something, right?

Is there a chance that Murphy would commit to being a series regular? "It's gonna be hard to make the pilot a successful TV show if Eddie Murphy's not a regular cast member," Loquasto says. And O'Heir is confident that Murphy would not sign up to act full time on TV: "He'll do the guest spot. If the ratings are low, he'll come in; he'll do his bit. But I can't imagine he would ever commit."

Want to check out what's going on on-set? Go to showrunner Shawn Ryan's Twitter page, where he tweeted tons of pics, including one of Murphy holding a birthday cake (he's 52!) decorated with an image of him as Axel Foley.

"Beverly Hills Cop," the series, will center on Brandon T. Jackson, who plays Foley's son, trying to make a name for himself as a cop and get out of his dad's shadow. Yo, O'Heir, and Loquasto plan to check it out! Will you watch?