Does William Shatner Have a Crush on Betty White? [Exclusive Video]

The stars and guest stars of "Hot in Cleveland's" live Season 5 premiere answer your Twitter questions.

Does William Shatner Have a Crush on Betty White? [Exclusive Video]

Are William Shatner and Betty White an item? No — we're only dreaming. But if Shatner had his wish, the entertainment legends might have had a chance at romance, according to the now-married Shatner.

"Her skin is so soft to the touch, especially around her back. I've caressed her many times. On, off — doesn't matter to her. She's an animal," the "Star Trek" icon said, laughing, when asked by a Yahoo! TV Twitter follower how he can "keep his hands off the goddess that is Betty White." Apparently, he can't.

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Shatner, along with Brian Baumgartner (Kevin on "The Office") and Danny Pudi (Abed on "Community"), will be guest starring on the Season 5 live premiere of TV Land's hit comedy "Hot in Cleveland." These guys and the stars of the show — Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick, and Betty White — sat down to answer your questions, which we highlighted in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video! Here are some of the best moments:

"The Golden Girls" were golden

When Yahoo!'s own Billy Johnson Jr. asked White which "Golden Girls" actress she fought with the most when the cameras were off, she had only good things to say: "I've got to tell you guys, we loved each other. Nobody fought on 'The Golden Girls.' I was blessed with the 'Mary Tyler Moore' group. I was blessed with 'The Golden Girls' group. How I lucked into another group of women like this, I have no idea." Aww! The feeling is mutual. "I think there's a common denominator in all that," said Bertinelli, pointing at White, adding, "That's why. Because you're special."

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Betty White at Greendale?

Twitter follower Mary asked Pudi if he would like White to make an appearance in "Community," Season 5. His answer (duh!) was yes. "Absolutely. We do have an empty spot in the study group. So on behalf of everyone in Greendale, I would to ask you, Betty White ('cause I can't ask her here; it would be a little awkward, so I'm gonna ask her through Yahoo! TV), would you please join us at Greendale? We'd really love it," Pudi said.

Lightning in a bottle twice

Jennie Albano asked Leeves about her famed role on the acclaimed comedy "Frasier," which ended nearly 20 years ago — particularly about what her favorite memory is from the show and how hard it was to find another successful series. "I relished my time, especially with David Hyde Pierce and the scenes we had together. The seven-year flirtation that we had, and then we finally got together and had a baby: That was fantastic. You luck into something like 'Frasier' once, and you think it's lightning in a bottle. You never think you're gonna have that again." But it did with "Hot in Cleveland": "I had that same feeling. There's a chemistry between people that you cannot anticipate, you cannot manufacture it. You just luck into it."

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Troublemaking ladies

Brenda Cotton asked Malick if the cast does anything fun off-set. The answer: a resounding yes! Aside from hanging at Malick's ranch, which Bertinelli calls "paradise," the group has so much fun that they cause trouble together. When Malick and Leeves went to a ladies' lunch at the school that Leeves's daughter and Malick's niece will soon attend together, they were shushed! "We had to be asked to be quiet during a speech," said Malick. "We got in trouble. We were naughty," added Leeves.

Tune in to the live "Hot in Cleveland" Season 5 premiere Wednesday, 6/19 at 10 PM on TV Land, where Yahoo! TV will be tweeting from the audience and backstage.