Dina Lohan flips the bird, makes excuses for Lindsay’s bad behavior during bizarre interview

After a one-minute preview of Dina Lohan’s loopy interview with Dr. Phil McGraw was released on Thursday, she insisted she only seemed “drunk” because of the editing for the short clip. But after the highly-anticipated episode aired on Monday, that excuse didn’t really hold up. Throughout the interview (click here for videos) with the TV doc, Dina consistently slurred her words, made nonsensical statements, asked if the cameras were still rolling, and sat slumped over the arm rest of the sofa.

After struggling to get a straight answer out of Dina, McGraw had enough. “You have come on here and been phony and inauthentic,” he told her, to which the mother of four threw up her two middle fingers to the camera, while making a weird face. “That doesn’t help,” McGraw said. “Truth will prevail,” she responded. “So what does that mean?” he asked in a bizarre back-and-forth. After stalling, Dina stammered, “You have to ask me.” “I did!” McGraw replied. “That was the question. If we don’t hear the truth it can’t prevail. The reason I know you’re not being authentic is because you’re not talking to me in your normal nomenclature. You’re saying things like, ‘Cell phones weren’t as inept at the time.’ That word doesn’t fit in that sentence. Inept means you are unskilled; it means you don’t have abilities.” “Not necessarily,” interrupted Dina, although she didn’t further the argument when McGraw threatened to pull out a dictionary.

Dina got emotional when the topic turned to the abuse she claims she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Michael Lohan. When McGraw first brought it up, Dina covered her face and asked, “Can we cut?” “Can we cut what?” asked the doctor. “Continue. Is this like rolling? Do we have, like …?” Dina continued. When he later asked her to be specific about the abuse, Dina found a way to bring up her famous child, the second of her four with Michael. “I used to hide in closets. Lindsay and I went through a lot,” she said, as if her other three non-famous kids didn’t also suffer.

Speaking of Lindsay, McGraw had a running timeline of all the trouble the former child star has been in over the years, namely her two DUIs, countless rehab stays, and last year’s theft conviction. As the lowlights scrolled on the screen, Dina nervously smiled and said, “That’s going really fast. Slow down, you guys … If she was living in New York, five of them would be obsolete.” “That would leave another 17,” shot back McGraw.

He then showed Dina an interview with James G. Robinson, the producer of the 2006 movie “Georgia Rule,” who famously wrote an open letter to Lindsay after she repeatedly missed shooting due to “exhaustion” he claimed was due to her late-night partying. Dina’s excuse? After claiming she had never met the man (which was irrelevant), she said, “Lindsay’s really good friend from high school died of meningitis and Lindsay’s like ‘I need to, like, leave and, like, talk to her’” – which is confusing because Dina had already stated that the young girl had passed.

After the episode aired, Dina tweeted, “He was mean,” followed up an hour later with, “I love Penny Marshal.”

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