Dina Lohan appears out of it during ‘Dr. Phil’ interview about Lindsay

Like mother, like daughter? Dina Lohan sat down with the no-nonsense Dr. Phil McGraw for a “Dr. Phil” interview that will air on Monday, and in a preview, it seems he calls her out for Lindsay’s behavior – and her own – during the sit-down chat. The one-minute clip begins with Dina interrupting McGraw before he even asks his first question. “Are we to camera? We’re rolling?” she asks, as he looks stunned.

McGraw then reads her a list of negative things people have said about her and her mothering skills, including from her own ex-husband, Michael Lohan, who has accused her of taking money from their famous daughter – all of which Dina denies. After that, the mother of four is shown dabbing her eyes with a Kleenex and laughing as she slurs to McGraw, “You’re in your little tie and little shoes,” to which the TV doc responds, “What the hell does that mean?” The preview clip also includes a satellite interview with Michael, who asks McGraw if his ex “was drinking before she did your interview?”

Dina seemed so out of it during the interview, McGraw finally had to call her out on it. “You’ve come on here and been phony,” he tells her as she is slumped over on the arm of the sofa. “You’re flitting around!” Dina, whose voice is hoarse, charges back, “Oh stop! I’m not flitting around. I’m being scrutinized by you people.”

In the final scene, McGraw makes Dina – who was staying with Lindsay in L.A. at the time she filmed the interview, says Michael – come face to face with the laundry list of Lindsay’s offenses over the past few years. As a TV screen in front of them rolls down bullet points of her DUIs and struggles with drugs, Dina cuts off McGraw again to make excuses for her daughter. “If she was living in New York, five of them would be obsolete.”

Lindsay, 26, has been in the Big Apple the past few weeks ever since she was accused of stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry from her friend, producer Sam Magid, during an all-night party. As Page Six reported on Wednesday, she had been holed up in her room at the Bowery Hotel and missed a Sunday flight to Atlanta to begin filming “Scary Movie 5” because she claimed she had walking pneumonia. After they threatened to sue, she finally got on a plane … which Dimension Films chartered for her. On Thursday, after the report came out, Lindsay tweeted a photo bragging to her followers about her mile-high ride. “Birkin. Mac Computer. Chanel and a jet. Never quit fighting to live your dreams. God Bless.”

After the preview clip stirred up buzz about Dina and her state of mind during the interview, she flatly denied she had been drinking -- and blamed it on the editing. "I don’t care what it looks like,” she told TMZ. “I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says. I think the interview will be good. I know what I said and the facts are what the facts are. The proof is in the facts. The truth will set you free”

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