Daryl Hannah Arrested (Again); Sean Hannity Promises Her Bail Money (Video)

Daryl Hannah Arrested (Again); Sean Hannity Promises Her Bail Money (Video)

Daryl Hannah was arrested Wednesday in front of the White House while protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, but she was released in time to make an appearance on the Fox News Channel, where Sean Hannity promised he’d refund the actress her bail money.

On Hannity, the host showed video of Hannah being handcuffed, then welcomed her to the show with: “So, you got out of jail in time.” Then he reminded viewers that it’s not the first time Hannah’s opposition to the pipeline has led to her arrest.

“Last time you were on the program, I said I would bail you out of jail. I tried to do it the last time you were arrested and I wasn’t able to. So, how do I bail you out?” asked Hannity.

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“That’s because my bail was too big last time. Now you only owe me a hundred bucks,” Hannah said.

The two were cordial, though disagreed vehemently on environmental issues that are so near and dear to Hannah’s heart. After she insinuated that human energy consumption caused Hurricane Sandy, for example, Hannity shot back with: “I don’t believe that this global warming nonsense is real, that’s why the scientists made up all those phony emails."

And when Hannah asked, “Do you want an ecosystem, water and soil, and everything that is poisoned?” Hannity responded with: “I want clean air, clean water and no hurricanes. I’m a good person.”

Hannah also suggested that it would be better for the environment if Hannity were to run his hybrid Cadillac on moonshine.

See video below.

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The two couldn’t even agree on whether or not Hannah is a liberal.

“I give you credit, you’re not a hypocrite like these Leer jet, limousine liberals,” said Hannity.

She not only objected to the term “liberal” being applied to her, but also wouldn’t say whether or not she voted for President Barack Obama.

At the end of the four-minute segment, Hannity said: “I’ll mail you the hundred bucks to bail you out.”

“I need it,” Hannah said. “Bring it on.”

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